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Fashion & Social Media

When Fashion Becomes Liberating

When fashion and social media work hand-in-hand, the results are nothing short of liberating. continue reading
Discussion about Fashion & Feminism

Fashion & Feminism - Fashion Needs Feminism And Not The Other Way Round

Fashion industry and society has always used feminism as a crutch. High time women realized that fashion does not empower women. Women empower fashion. continue reading

Fast Fashion: Strategic Pricing

Its so interesting how fast fashion brands price their products. Just high enough to make great margins and just low enough to keep the customer happily shopping while looking for more. continue reading
dyed armpit hair

Why I'm not endorsing the pit-hair movement (NSFW)

Everyone these days esp. celebrities seem to be flaunting their pit hair. But is it worth a trend? continue reading
granny panties back in style

Granny panties: Yay or Nay? (nsfw)

Super comfy but not-so-saucy OR super sexy but dental floss stuck between the bum cheeks. What are your panty preferences? continue reading
Yashica MG-1

My Love for Old Cameras

I recently got hold of an old Yashica camera. It was like going down memory lanes and indulging in the past. As a kid, I took pictures from my dad’s yashica camera. continue reading
Design Inspiration

Get Inspired

I find my inspiration in everyday objects as well as in strong visual imagery. Where do you look for inspiration? continue reading
Customer Service

Dear ECommerce, There are concerns beyond expansion

Only by following these, can ecommerce expand in the true sense. continue reading
Fashion quote

Discover a New You

This is one style tip that women will find most liberating. continue reading
Recycle Fashion To Save The Environment.

For The Love Of Mother Nature

Check out some great fashion DIYs that will go a long way in saving the environment. continue reading
Lakme Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2014 at Palldium Hotel, Mumbai

Lakme Fashion Week moves To A New Venue: Decision Well Taken?

Lakme Fashion Week moved from Grand Hyatt to Palladium Hotel for Winter/Festive 2014 and henceforth. A decision well taken? Maybe. Maybe not. continue reading
Online Fashion Magazine

Online Fashion Magazines: need a personal touch!

Learn how to make your online magazine more real and personal for your viewers while still keeping it aspirational continue reading
Paltan Bazar, Dehradun, Uttaranchal

Dehradun: Local markets in danger?

Are the local markets of Dehradun, Uttaranchal that have always dominated the town's commerce now in danger of being wiped out? continue reading
There is fashion for everyone

Fashion for Everyone

There is no reason for you to feel neglected or get deterred by whats 'in' and whats 'out'. Just relax. There is fashion for everyone. continue reading
Learn how to shop smart

Be a smart shopper - Know what not to buy!

Let me present to you a little guide that will help you be a smart shopper. continue reading

Gulzar saab - True style icon

I had the opportunity to see Gulzar Saab in real life, at Prithvi Theatre a couple of days ago. It was on the occasion of paying tribute to Late Jagjit Singh by Gulzar Saab and Bhupinder Singh, an... continue reading

I have some issues with Indian clothing brands

One thing that I have failed repeatedly in finding in Indian clothing brands is...well-fitting garments, for women in particular. They are all about excellent fabrics, decent styles, pathetic fits... continue reading
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