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With more and more number of fashion e-commerce and blogs entering the realm of online magazines, its very tempting to start working to look like a Vogue or Elle or a similar conventional high-end fashion publication. But its equally important to realize that online fashion magazines are an extension of fashion blogs which attract viewers/readers in the first place because they are ‘real’. Fashion blogs are about everyday people and relatable fashion. The online nature makes these blogs interactive and therefore ‘real’. Its this very quality that needs to get extended to online magazines too. Most importantly, online magazines need to retain this realness.

3 Ways how you can make your online magazine more real and personal for your viewers while still keeping it formal and aspirational.



  1.  Look & Feel: The look & feel of your magazine is one of the most important elements in deciding what kind of viewers you want…or will get. So, you want to cater to the masses and therefore look more approachable or is your target audience very high end like and you want to look more niche? Think hard and accordingly build your magazine’s look & feel.
  2. Personal Stylist on board: In addition to answering people’s fashion queries online, it would be a great idea for the magazine to have a personal stylist on board who styles real people (for a meeting or luncheon or a wedding) and also share those pictures online with the readers. This would make the magazine extremely relatable as well as interactive and add much more credibility than merely clicking celebs at page 3 parties.
  3. Selfies can sometimes feel sheepish and awkward but if bloggers or stylists on board with the magazine put up their own selfies and talk about their style it would make a lot more sense. People like seeing real models and how the latest fashion trends work on everyday people before they invest themselves in these trends. Selfies that talk about their own clothes & styling will surely lend a personal touch to the magazine. A word of caution here: Dont go overboard with the ‘selfies’ lest it looks like you are promoting yourself rather than the magazine. The aim here is to engage readers.

So, well that was my 2 bits, errrr 3 bits 🙂  to fashion ecommerce about online magazines. Hope it helps. Good luck!

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