Makeup Essentials for Every Working Woman

Every Working Woman's Makeup Bag Should Have These 5 Makeup Essentials

Its extremely important for working women to look presentable at all times. Thankfully, we have makeup for that. Here are 5 makeup seentials that should be there in every working woman's makeup bag. read more
Best Shapewear For Women 2018

Best Shapewear Solutions For Every Woman

Whether you want to tuck your tummy for that bodycon dress or want a more hour-glass waist, shapewear is your best bet. Checkout 6 types of shapewear that will conceal all the unwanted fat and give you a thinner, leaner look. read more
Maybelline New York Matte Lipsticks Review

Maybelline matte lipsticks

Short and sweet review about two bestsellers: Maybelline Superstay liquid matte lipstick and Maybelline Gigi Hadid matte lipstick. read more
Ryaal organic beauty & skincare products

Ryaal: Organic Beauty & Skincare

Three products from Ryaal that have made my skin look so much more supple, healthy and moisturized. read more
Klairs Vitamin C Serum Review

Klairs Vitamin C Serum

I started using Klairs Serum with a bit of apprehension. But two months down the line, I can say its one of the best and the most promising skincare products I have ever used. read more
Discussion about Fashion & Feminism

Fashion & Feminism - Fashion Needs Feminism And Not The Other Way Round

Fashion industry and society has always used feminism as a crutch. High time women realized that fashion does not empower women. Women empower fashion. read more
Flat-lay Photography

My Love Affair With Flat-Lay Photography

My love-hate relationship with cameras is legendery. I love taking pictures and could manage decent ones but never could get over my fear of DLSRs. The lights, light-meter, tripods, reflectors and all the equpments that come with a camera intimidate me. read more
Pastel Fashion Trends For 2018

Pastels For Everyone

Pastels are one of the top fashion trends in 2018. Check out the top fashion pieces and where to buy them. read more

Fast Fashion: Strategic Pricing

Its so interesting how fast fashion brands price their products. Just high enough to make great margins and just low enough to keep the customer happily shopping while looking for more. read more
StyleCracker Borough VIP Party Preview Image

StyleCracker VIP Lounge Soiree

Check out the socialites and Mumbai's who's-who at StyleCracker VIP soiree. read more