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If you ask me what I find most inspiring…I’d say colors. All types of them. Primary, secondary, tertiary. And all kinds of shades and tints as well. Midnight blues, charcoal greys and off-whites are my pernnial favourites. But Marigolds and Oranges are what I have been crushing over for the past 2 years now. Love them as accents mostly. But sometimes as an entire outfit too. I absoloutely adore the warmth and glamour both these colors exude. This one crush simply refuses to wear out. But other than colors, I do look around to find inspiration. To see what excites me. And I love to break it down to see how exactly it excites me so that I can incorporate those elements in my clothes. Do I sound vague and random? Ummmm….maybe a bit but I’m sure we all do this even if subconsciously. We all find inspiration in everyday things. These seemingly mundane things are capable of triggering emotions, and designers use these very mundane objects to draw inspiration from for all their collections.

Marsala for instance. Pantone color of the year 2015. The color that we all will see in clothes, accessories, beauty products, industrial design, home furnishings and interiors. Basically everywhere. The wine that is produced in the region surrounding the Italian city of Marsala in Sicily, and therefore known as Marsala, according to Pantone, has all the characteristics that you need atleast in your wardrobe and beauty bag. Flattering against a lot of skin types, subtle, sultry, sophisticated, dramatic and grounded at the same time, organic in nature, glamorous & luxurious in an unusual way…Marsala has it all. No wonder its the color of the year.

So you see, its all about what excites you 😉

Whats exciting me at the moment? Ummmm….let me see. Hearts, stars, crimson, radiant orchid (still hung up), butteflies, eye makeup, house of cards, gold shoes, 2015. But what really gets me going is strong visual imagery…