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My love-hate relationship with cameras is legendery. I love taking pictures and could manage decent ones but never could get over my fear of DLSRs. The lights, light-meter, tripods, reflectors and all the equpments that come with a camera intimidate me. So do the thousand features that apparently make a camera great…they dont work for me at all. They put me off. I like simplicity. Linearity. No complexities. At the same time, cameras make it almost impossible to share your work instantly on social media. Lame!
However I do realize how much time I have wasted in not overcoming this fear. And the time I’m going to waste if I do nothing about it. This thought had been bothering me for a while now.

I’ve never been big on mobile phones, just calls, whatsapp and Instagram. Thats more or less about it for me.
That explains why my phone camera isnt too great either. But I know what I have. I have an understanding of colors. An even stronger understanding of compositions. And a strong sense of style. Which is worth sharing despite my okayish phone camera.
And while I had been struggling with all this and still persuing my love for flat-lay photography, I realized I had gotten so much better at it. My love for flat-lay had made me move past my fears. I have started asking how I can get better pictures even if it means using DSLRs. I have started exploring my soft-box (that had been lying with me for months). I now understand what reflectors are for, what a light-meter does and how I can use studio lights.
Maybe one of these days I’ll even move to a good DSLR or a phone with good camera and enough features. I want to keep my love for photography and flat-lay alive. I want to nurture it. I want to see it grow.