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Considering the havoc fast-fashion is wreaking on the environment and consumer behaviour, while also flouting labour rights like nobody’s business, the sensible thing to do would be to stop buying from them. However, its easier said than done. The (extremely affordable) prices at which these brands give us the latest from the ramp, they’re just too tempting to say ‘no’ to.

However, other than limiting our purchases and thinking twice before buying more, one more thing that we can do is DIY from old garments, like a DIY-Recycle.  As a styling exercise, but more importantly, in however small a way, an exercise to save the earth.
A lot of fast-fashion brands infact are selling DIY clothes and accessories, which instead of buying, we can create ourselves, at home, very easily

So, here is a curated list of tutorials of some great fashion DIYs that are fun, extremely inspiring and will surely go a long way in saving the environment.DIY CLOTHES! 5 DIY T SHIRT PROJECTS. COOL!

And when it comes to DIY, nothing can beat