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I had the opportunity to see Gulzar Saab in real life, at Prithvi Theatre a couple of days ago. It was on the occasion of paying tribute to Late Jagjit Singh by Gulzar Saab and Bhupinder Singh, an initiative led by director Salim Arif.  There can be

Lakme Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2014 is finally over! A much awaited event that began with a lot of excitement and fervour and closed on an equally passionate note with Kareena Kapoor walking the grand finale for Manish Malhotra. The event had

With discounts going higher by the minute, new collections hitting the stands, new designers emerging everyday with the most interesting designs to offer, fashion magazines displaying the best and facebook pages along with social media pushing us ever harder to

There is room for all kinds of fashion at any given point of time. You have to know what you like and not get deterred by what's 'in' and what's 'out'. There is enough choice and options in terms of brands

A narrow street with shops ranging from ice-cream parlours to ready made garments to steel utensils, bridal accessories, shoe stores, spices/groceries and everything else under the sun

With more and more number of fashion e-commerce and blogs entering the realm of online magazines, its very tempting to start working to look like a Vogue or Elle or a similar conventional high-end fashion publication. But its equally important

Considering the havoc fast-fashion is wreaking on the environment and consumer behaviour, while also flouting labour rights like nobody's business, the sensible thing to do would be to stop buying from them. However, its easier said than done. The (extremely

These days whenever women tell me that they have been wearing the same style of clothes for years and that they're scared to try out new trends because they're afraid they might look too fat or too short or too

So while things are looking up and great for Indian ecommerce, what with Ratan Tata investing in Snapdeal, Amazon ready to invest $2million, flipkart taking over Myntra and Jabong launching international fashion brands while also collaborating with Lakme Fashion Week,

I recently got hold of an old Yashica camera. It was like going down memory lanes and indulging in the past. As a kid, I took pictures from my dad’s yashica camera. It worked on rolls, had no zoom in

The fashion timer seems to be ticking in the opposite direction. Yes! Skimpy thongs have had their moment but now the old-fashion vintage looking granny panties are back in style and how!!! Sales reports have shown that skimpy undies, g-strings/thongs and

So what is it about pit hair making headlines? Everyone these days esp. celebrities seem to be flaunting their pit hair, the long and short of it. Oh and dyed ones too. So I’m all for freedom and liberty of women and

Image Source: H&M Twitter Its so interesting how fast fashion brands price their products. Just high enough to make great margins and just low enough to keep the customer happily shopping while looking for more. How much ever I try to keep

I was invited last evening by at the Women Writer's Fest to be part of the panel on discission about Fashion & Feminism. It was a great discussion along with Preeta Sukhtankar, founder at The Label Life and Ameena Azeez, founder

Fashion is a way of expressing oneself. And thats a well-established fact. But sharing one's style online with people known and unknown is a feeling that I term as 'super liberating'. Fashion cycles come and go every couple of years, but the

In a digital world where everyone sells everything, the one and only factor that can and will help your business stand out of the crowd is BRANDING. Are you aspirational? Do you crop up in people's mind whenever they think of making an

My love-hate relationship with cameras is legendery. I love taking pictures and could manage decent ones but never could get over my fear of DLSRs. The lights, light-meter, tripods, reflectors and all the equpments that come with a camera intimidate