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So whenever I'm asked for styling suggestions by young girls, esp. when they're going out on dates, I always suggest them to not over do things. Like avoid wearing very skimpy or revealing clothes, for fear of seeming desperate and

I laid my hands on Ryaal Black Mess: mask, scrub and cleanser, Mr Beans: exfoliating scrub mask and Vitamin C serum only about a few weeks ago. And they have already helped my skin a great deal in staying smooth, healthy and supple. Ryaal organic

Jean-Claude Biguine Salon and Spa hosted the Words and Wine book-reading evening for VJ turned author Juhi Pandey. The sassy young author read a passage from her new book - Things Your Mother Never Told You About Love. The witty advice

I would have never moved to mineral foundation if it were'nt for Fab bag. Not that I have any issues with mineral powders but I'm just a little slow to change (yeah, thats me). Besides I was happy using Studio Fix which does

About 2 months ago, over a cup of coffee and in the midst of a casual conversation, my friend quite unexpectedly brought out a little box from her bag and showed it to me. It was a brand new Givenchy miniature. I

I can completely empathize with all you curly-haired women who go through a daily ordeal of taming your hair and worse still, working your difficult hair in a style whenever you have to go out. And just in case you

Just in case you're thinking why I've included makeup in corporate styling, let me clarify in the beginning itself. Styling is not just about clothes. Its the entire look which includes the usual, that is, clothes, shoes, accessories and the

Oriflame came up with a new range called THE ONE in October 2014 launched by Huma Qureshi. I had bought these products more than a month ago but I wanted to use all of them over a period of time before I finally did a review. So from this range,

Happy New Year people 🙂 Its been a great 2014 for me and I hope the same trend continues this year as well  Also hope that this year brings you guys all the work and money you’ve been wishing for  So, I have been

The importance of eyeliner is something I have (practically) realized only recently. Not that I wasnt aware of the magic an eyeliner can paint on the eyes, but being one of those shaky-handed, I always shied away from trying it. And then came a point

Just like I’m a sucker for pretty things, I’m an equally big sucker for perfumes. Spicy with a touch of floral is what nails it for me so Its crazy how I took so long to discover the beautiful Chanel Mademoiselle fragrance. Its one

Solid perfumes, more commonly known as wax perfumes is a relatively new area for me. I bought one only recently from Good Earth. Called Amritam, this mustard-yellow(ish) wax carries fresh mogra (Jasmine sambac) fragrance and comes in a small bottle with a cute spatula,

Now who hasnt heard about Bobbi Brown. Atleast in the beauty industry. We all know that bobbi brown products are absoloutely amazing and the kinds we’d love to lay our hands on at the first given opportunity. But as a

I had been looking for an illuminator for quite sometime that can be used in the day and is not too dramatic and I finally found something that is almost close to perfect. Inglot Face & Body Illuminator #63. This is

I got the this body lotion recently when I purchased the Issey Miyake EDP for my husband. This came in along with the perfume as a gift. And what a lovely gift! The Issey Miyake moisturising body lotion is a

Image Courtsey : A few days ago I had the opportunity to be at the bloggers meet organized by DIVO and Dermalogica. DIVO is one of India's leading hair brush and accessory brands and Dermalogica, India is an international skin care brand that

This was an evening organized by Vichy Laboratoires- the leading Dermocosmetic brand, for all the beautiful women in Mumbai to meet under one roof at Bunglow 9, Bandra and discuss their beauty woes. Not jut discuss, but get solutions to all their

Oriflame India, the wholly owned subsidiary of Swedish cosmetics major- Oriflame, fired by their eternal zeal to provide the best to its consumers, has expanded its bestselling make-up range- The ONE. With a constant endeavor to bring unique & exceptionally result-driven

Philips India, the brand that has been driving the way India styles itself, is now set to take its mission to the next level. With the intent of empowering the youth to express themselves freely through their personal style, Philips

I got introduced to Gulnar soaps when sometime back a friend from Ahmedabad who was visiting us, gifted us a box of Gulnar soaps that had three flavors: coconut, orange and strawberry. I’ve always been kind of apprehensive about handmade soaps, because I thought they

I have always loved Forest Essentials products because they are genuine, high in quality and are made out of natural ingredients. Added to this my obsession with orange fragrance and my new found love for handmade soaps. All this combined

I had heard positive reviews about Iraya soaps and seen them on but got to use their lemongrass flavour only recently, when I called for a couple of handmade soaps, which happens to be my new found love, and for good reasons. A

Am finally back. Its been two long weeks of travel both for work as well as some family time. Throughly enjoyable but kind of stressful too. So much travel does take its toll esp. on the skin. Pimples, white heads, tan,

I suffer tired eyes and dark circles. Mostly due to bronchities which makes my eyes water incessantly till I pop in an anti-allergen (which eventually makes me doze off, and how!) and due to my untimely work routine. I have

When you look at yourself in the mirror first thing in the morning and all you see is dark circles under your eyes. Story of my life! Not an inspiring story? Tell me about it. Over the time, I have figured out ways

Hot days are just perfect to shower with fresh fruity fragrance soaps. And what better than green apples. And yes you guessed it right. Its none other than the Green Apple handmade soap from Nyassa. Made from pure and natural carrier oils, essential oils

I would have never moved to mineral foundation if it were'nt for Fab bag. Not that I have any issues with mineral powders but I'm just a little slow to change (yeah, thats me). Besides I was happy using Studio Fix which does

Being a makeup junkie, a good base and a good makeup remover are two things I cant do without. I dont move around with blue and green eyeshadows but I do follow a basic makeup routine on a daily basis and

So what is it about pit hair making headlines? Everyone these days esp. celebrities seem to be flaunting their pit hair, the long and short of it. Oh and dyed ones too. So I’m all for freedom and liberty of women and

Lipsticks intimidate me. Dark ones even more! But for some reason I have been totally crushing over berry lipcolors. Googled them, found out berry shades right from the warm to the cooler tones, looked up everyone on Instagram wearing the

I started using Klairs Serum with a bit of apprehension. Partly because I had never used a serum and so didnt know if they really worked, as claimed, and partly because its a non-Indian brand so had never heard about it.  However, 2 months down the line,

Looks like my love for matte lipsticks is in no mood to slow down. I have been gathering lipcolors like nobody's business. All shades and sizes. All kinds of brands. In this frenzy, I have also picked up shades that