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I can completely empathize with all you curly-haired women who go through a daily ordeal of taming your hair and worse still, working your difficult hair in a style whenever you have to go out. And just in case you happen to live in Mumbai (the humidest city ever), like myself, then God save you!
Well, I have kinky curls myself that simply refuse to behave and keeping the frizz off is a serious issue. For years I tied my hair in a bun to keep them under control and applied products to tame them on days I had to leave them open. Let me tell you, in a city like this, hair products just dont work too well because of the (super-efficient) humidity and eventually curls start losing their sanity. So, while I used hair products with frizz control formula, I would also (a lot of times) tie my hair when damp. FYI that helps in keeping your hair looking sane but damages them in the long run. Some of the frizz controlling products I used worked well, some didnt, but I never complained because I hardly kept my hair open.
But about a year ago, I decided to not take the easy way out anymore; I got my hair chopped, like reallllly. reallly. short. on one side of my head and prominent curls on the other side…kind of punk, you see 😉 So this leaves me no room to tie my hair, yet long enough to flaunt (and manage) my curls. Which also means I have been experimenting with a number of frizz controlling and curl enhancing hair products.
My experimentations recently brought me to BROCATO, a curl calming balm, that came in my first FAB BAG.  No, its not a life-changing product but yes a pretty cool one in making your life so much more easier. A not-too-viscous transparent(ish) white gel to be applied while your hair is damp.
How it Works While keeping the frizz at bay, it defines your curls too. Apply this to your dry hair and it gives your curls a stronger definition.
Why I like it This gel is really light, which means it doesn’t turn your curls into wires (a lot of curl defining products do that) but gives your curls a natural fall and makes them look much more well-managed. Its not too viscous so it spreads well and a little quantity does the job. Also, this gel smells just right, neither too hard on fragrance, nor too light. Just wish their packaging was a little more fun, and not so stuck up…you know what I mean?
The flip side Its light and I mean exactly that. It defines your curls but it gives a natural and subtle definition. So if you’re looking at highly defined and strong curls, then this is not your product.
Where to get it So while I got my Brocato tube in my FAB BAG subscription, you can also order it online through flipkart, amazon or 365gorgeous.
Disclaimer I’ve had a good experience with flipkart and amazon but never tried 365gorgeous. So, plz take your own call.
Overall, I think its a decent product and worth trying out.
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