The New Whisper Ultra

The New Whisper Ultra Soft: #WhatEveryWomanWants

Mentioning the word 'period' was a total no-no. Thanks to changing times, we're discussing period problems. And at length! continue reading
Discussion about Fashion & Feminism

Fashion & Feminism - Fashion Needs Feminism And Not The Other Way Round

Fashion industry and society has always used feminism as a crutch. High time women realized that fashion does not empower women. Women empower fashion. continue reading

Make Your Valentine's Day Special With Affordable Gold & Diamond Jewelry

February is that time of the year when you want to gift something special to the one that means the world to you. continue reading

BMW Festival 2016: Driving Luxury With Navnit Motors

Nothing like spending an evening filled with fashion, luxury and lifestyle! And that is exactly what you get when BMW, Suneet Varma, Panerai, Glenlivet and Ballentine's come together along with a... continue reading
StyleCracker Borough VIP Party Preview Image

StyleCracker VIP Lounge Soiree

Check out the socialites and Mumbai's who's-who at StyleCracker VIP soiree. continue reading
Taste Case By Shophop

Food for Thought: Taste Case By Shophop

Would you feel good if you got a lovely, well packaged box full of interesting, healthy & delicious snacks, right at your doorstep, absoloutely every month? Well, then read on... continue reading
Shop n Social App

UK Based Shop n Social App Launches In Mumbai

After a successful preview launch in Manchester, England - A UK based Shop n Social – a tablet app launches in Mumbai. It is India’s first shopping app that enables shoppers to shop and socialize. continue reading
Wine Tasting With Sula Vineyards

Sula Vineyards hosts an exclusive tasting session with Chief Winemaker, Ajoy Shaw

Sula Vineyards, India’s #1 wine company and largest wine producer in the country hosted an exquisite wine and food pairing event yesterday. continue reading

My new year gift - ASUS ZenPad 7.0

First of all thank you ASUS for this cool new year gift! I've been a long term user (2 years?) of Samsung Galexy Tab 3 but it died on me last month. And lo and behold, ASUS sends me ZenPad 7.0 just... continue reading
ASUS Zenfone 2 Laser Phone Review

ASUS Zenfone 2 Laser: Beauty With Brains

I have never been much of a gadget person and cell phone is one thing I detest changing from time to time. Call me old school, but that's how it has always been. I look for a good interface and a few... continue reading

Why Not Enjoy A Clutter-free Home When You Can!!!

Its time to remove unwanted and redundant things from your apartment and enjoy a clutter-free house. continue reading
times tv network launches mnplus gold class

MN+: critically acclaimed movies, hd and much more

MN+ tv, the latest from Times network promises to showcase critically acclaimed movies with world class experience. But there are more reasons to tune into it. continue reading
dyed armpit hair

Why I'm not endorsing the pit-hair movement (NSFW)

Everyone these days esp. celebrities seem to be flaunting their pit hair. But is it worth a trend? continue reading
typhoo green tea

typhoo green tea

India's first environmentally sustainable tea continue reading
Yashica MG-1

My Love for Old Cameras

I recently got hold of an old Yashica camera. It was like going down memory lanes and indulging in the past. As a kid, I took pictures from my dad’s yashica camera. continue reading
Farah Baksh Design Journal from Good Earth

The Little Things That Make My Day

Dedicated to the little yet hugely inspiring things. continue reading
6th Street Yogurt

Celebrate #GuiltFreeIndulgence with 6th Street Yogurt: Healthy Dessert

This yogurt brand offers the best flavours and toppings in Mumbai. continue reading
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