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How I would love to try new recipes everyday! I’m not much of a cook and honestly, I dont even have the time. So depending on my household help’s cooking skills is the only way for me. The other thing is even if I know where to find good, healthy food, the effort of going there…just makes things so much more tough and painful. And I’m sure a lot of people around face the same problem.

So if you can get something like Taste Case, a well packaged box full of healthy, delicious snacks, right at your doorstep, absoloutely every month, wouldnt you be happy? 🙂

On the first Sunday of every month, ShopHop brings four amazing new brands thougtfully curated for you to discover and taste. Sourced from entrepreneurs across the cuntry, each of these brands is natural, artisanal or homegrown – bringing you a fresh culinary experience. Not only does this box allow people to discover amazing new brands every month, it provides food entrepreneurs with the outreach critical for brand awareness and initial growth.
Guys, its time to try some funky recipes and inspiring products. Time for food discovery!

My last month’s box was full of all natural high protein bars, healthy munchies, rustic gourmet dips and organic Quinoa delights. Check this out 😉

Taste Case by ShopHop


Mamakutti in my Taste Case box. A must have in any foodie’s kitchen! Absoloutely yummy!!!

Quinoa Crisps – Cinna Honey. A rich source of good proteins, vitamins and minerals. Contains the perfect blend of tasted Quinoa Pearl Millet (Bajra), Flax Seed, Soybean, Cinnamon and Honey

Quinoa Pops – Wasabi. With the added zing and flavor of Wasabi, this makes for a great garnish and ready-to-eat snack.

Snackible. Crean & Onion Wholewhat Thins, Wholeweat Belgian Chocochip Waffle. Perfect fix for the one big problem we all face ‘Snack Crunch’. With Snackible, you can make snack time the best part of your day