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First of all thank you ASUS for this cool new year gift! I’ve been a long term user (2 years?) of Samsung Galexy Tab 3 but it died on me last month. And lo and behold, ASUS sends me ZenPad 7.0 just before the new year! What a delight! Although I lost my 534 levels of Candy Crush when I installed it again on ZenPad, I am very happy with the experience. The transition couldn’t have been smoother.

ASUS ZenPad 7 is just right for my small hands.

Compared to my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, I find the size of ZenPad 7 much more suitable for my small hands. For a change, I no longer have to use two hands to hold it steady and its much more convenient to carry it in my purse or clutch. Of course the interface is different from Samsung Galexy Tab 3 as ZenPad is supposed to be running an upgraded version of Android software. Its fine, just took me some time getting used to.

ZenPad 7 Audio Cover is really good looking and sturdy.

Initially I used the ZenPad 7, as is and didn’t really know what to do with the ZenPad 7.0, audio cover. Quiet frankly, I am quiet afraid of opening lids and figuring out what connects where. Eventually, I got my hubby to plug in the ZenPad cover (did I mention, the cover came along with the pad!!!) and wow! The cover had transformed my ZenPad into a boom box! The sound is crystal clear and loud. And I suspect the cover also adds battery backup to the phone as we watched 4 episodes of Game of Thrones back to back over Wifi and there was still 16% of battery charge left. That’s something we couldn’t achieve on my Samsung Galexy Tab 3!

After attaching the cover, the Tab looks much more sturdy and secure. It almost looks like something I can carry around pretending it to be a clutch. That’s really saying something!

So what else do I like about the ZenTab? We’ll all the things I wrote about the ZenPhone here, are also true for the tab. The camera of course is nice with great picture controls. Though I do wish the front camera was better. Games like Candy Crush etc., play well and frankly I don’t miss my SFT3 at all. The sound with the cover attached is extremely good and I’ve been using it as my new jukebox. Hubby says, the Wifi and phone performance is also great. So all in all a great device from ASUS!

ASUS ZenPad 7.0 and ZenPad Audio cover packaging.

One last thing, I have to admit, it took me some time to figure out what to do with the ZenTab as I already do all the things it can on my ZenPhone. But what sets it apart from my phone is the larger screen size (which is really helpful in reviewing pictures, watching videos, taking notes), longer battery life means  being confident in the knowledge that the battery will last me through an event, awesome speakers for music and movies! Its light enough so that I comfortably hold it in my hands for a long time.

Music sounds great on ZenPad 7 with ZenPad 7 Audio cover.


I am very happy with the ZenPad 7. Way to go ASUS. And thank you for this wonderful new year gift once again! 🙂

Finally some pictures clicked by ZenPad 7 camera.

Camera Test – Marine Drive, Mumbai

Camera Test – Lovely view of Marine Drive

And thats me… 🙂

And that’s us… enjoying new year weeked at Marine Drive, Mumbai