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February is that time of the year when you want to gift something special to the one that means the world to you. Equally important (and a huge bummer) is the fact that next month is March when you have

Do you have a sweet tooth OR do you love binging on sweets and cakes and desserts OR crave for ice-creams when low on energy but want to keep away because the idea sound unhealthy? If your answer is ‘Yes’ then this is THE post for you.

I’m a huge sucker for pretty things. Things that reflect taste and style. Things that you know have been given a lot of thought to. Things that make your day. Things that are much more than just things.  FARAH BAKSH, the design

Typhoo, India today organized a “Better Products. Better Practices. Better World.”  round table in Mumbai following closely on the heels of the launch of its globally certified teas, India’s first environmentally sustainable teas to be marketed across the country. Organised in collaboration with Rainforest

Watching a good Hollywood movie in cinema hall is pure experience. But watching each one of them in theater is not feasible and that is why we have (a few) TV channels offering us Hollywood movies 24x7. But there is hardly any channel that offers an

Ajoy Shaw, Chief Winemaker, Sula Vineyards Sula Vineyards, India’s #1 wine company and largest wine producer in the country hosted an exquisite wine and food pairing event yesterday. As part of the tasting, Ajoy Shaw, Chief Winemaker, Sula Vineyards presented an array of

Left: CEO of Shop n Social, Mr. Ajit Gupta, Right: Shop n Social Preview Launch at Cafe Zoe Mumbai After a successful preview launch in Manchester, England - A UK based Shop n Social – a tablet app launches in Mumbai. It is

I have been living in Mumbai for a good 8 years and in all these years, me and my husband together have accumulated a lot of stuff. Unfortunately a lot of unnecessary stuff too, things that dont come into use

The ultimate raceday last weekend to watch and celebrate StyleCracker Borough Cup at Western Indian Turf Club, Mahalakshmi Racecourse, had an exclusive VIP hospitality lounge soiree. And it had everything one could ask for. Live racing on the track to

Nothing like spending an evening filled with fashion, luxury and lifestyle! And that is exactly what you get when BMW, Suneet Varma, Panerai, Glenlivet  and Ballentine's come together along with a dash of jazz music. All thanks to Navnit Motors! Navnit Motors hosted

I recently got hold of an old Yashica camera. It was like going down memory lanes and indulging in the past. As a kid, I took pictures from my dad’s yashica camera. It worked on rolls, had no zoom in

So what is it about pit hair making headlines? Everyone these days esp. celebrities seem to be flaunting their pit hair, the long and short of it. Oh and dyed ones too. So I’m all for freedom and liberty of women and

I was invited last evening by at the Women Writer's Fest to be part of the panel on discission about Fashion & Feminism. It was a great discussion along with Preeta Sukhtankar, founder at The Label Life and Ameena Azeez, founder

In a digital world where everyone sells everything, the one and only factor that can and will help your business stand out of the crowd is BRANDING. Are you aspirational? Do you crop up in people's mind whenever they think of making an

I have never been much of a gadget person and cell phone is one thing I detest changing from time to time. Call me old school, but that's how it has always been. I look for good interface and a few

First of all thank you ASUS for this cool new year gift! I've been a long term user (2 years?) of Samsung Galexy Tab 3 but it died on me last month. And lo and behold, ASUS sends me ZenPad

Here comes Asus yet again with a highly promising phone. Say hello to Zenfone Max, the phone that combines 'Maximum Style' with 'Maximum Convenience'. One of the best smartphones in the country right now, with a great design and an equally

How I would love to try new recipes everyday! I'm not much of a cook and honestly, I dont even have the time. So depending on my household help's cooking skills is the only way for me. The other thing

From using layers of fabric or cotton to sanitary napkins, its been a long journey! And from considering the word 'period' a total tabboo to speaking about it reluctantly to being surrounded with sanitary napkins adverts and brands and discussing

I laid my hands on Ryaal Black Mess: mask, scrub and cleanser, Mr Beans: exfoliating scrub mask and Vitamin C serum only about a few weeks ago. And they have already helped my skin a great deal in staying smooth, healthy and supple. While size