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One thing I do quite reguarly, is to empty my entire bag to see what all I have been carrying around. To go through the contents of my bag. It helps me sort things out, throw away things that I dont want anymore, put my recipts in order, remove all business cards from the bag and place them in the card holder on my desk, put my scarf for laundry and so much more. But more than anything else, I just find this whole thing of cleaning, sorting out, putting stuff in order highly cathartic and enjoyable.

So here is my gorgeous gold leather Lavie bag after clean-up with all its contents in their full glory.

My lavie bag bares it all 🙂

  • Latest edition of Vogue, India (my monthly dose of fashion & beauty)
  • A smaller Lavie wallet to keep all my cash and cards (its so important)
  • JBL headphones (cant do without music)
  • Vogue sunglasses (obviously)
  • River Island printed scarf (I travel a lot in rickshaw and cabs)
  • Notebook by Jabong that I had received at the LFW preview (I’m old school, absoloutely love to write and take notes 🙂 )
  • MAC Studio Fix (basics)
  • NYX blush (love a hint of pink on my cheeks)
  • Makeup brushes
  • Soap & Glory lip plumper (for a perfect pout 🙂 )
  • Oriflame raspberry lipcolor (gorgeous shade of pink)
  • Vichy Sunscreen (very important)
  • Hand sanitizer (just to maintain general hygiene)
  • Dental floss (I love meat)
  • Calvin Klein data storage (highly convenient to carry data)
  • Issey Miyake lotion (feels so beautiful on skin)
  • Chanel Mademoiselle EDT (I love to smell beautiful)
  • Pleats Please by Issey Miyake (love how it smells)
  • Ball point pen and fountain pen
  • A half eaten chocolate (dark chocolates are my weakness)
  • Measuring tape (call it professional hazards of being a stylist)
  • Wet wipes (I live in the world’s most humid city, plus they are any day better than makeup removing liquids)


This smaller bag inside the big leather lavie handbag helps me organize smaller things

The bigger things lay in the spacious lavie bag, easy for me to reach out