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Preppy by the day

Well…apparently, if you’re not a prep…you’re not a prep. But the good part is…you can still dress up like one…and here’s how to go about it…a few style tips that would go a long way in achieving that neat, prim, well-organized prep look. Works best for an evening out with friends. So here you go….a cute skirt in linen, soft denim, khaki, madras checks/plaid etc. of reasonable length teamed with an oxford shirt or a polo t-shirt or a simple basic top and ideally added to this a casual waist-coat or a jacket in a preppy print makes for a great structure to start with for a prep look. Team simple accessories like a belt, bow (using a bow the conventional way is great but explore some more interesting ways of using it…like in a pendant), a preppy print head-band or a hard hair-band and maybe a couple of playful wrist-bands….and yes! a small hand-bag in sweet, simple colors.  I personally feel that colorful brogues is a better idea than ballerinas teamed with a pair of ankle-length printed socks. Leave your hair loose or tie them in a high pony-tail, wear natural make-up, wear a clean, unfussy and bright attitude….and there you go!!! Check out for some more preppy looks.