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Its the first time in history that Elite Model Look which is such a prestigious and internationally renowned modeling agency has set foot in India. The idea is to create supermodels who will represent India on international levels. This will create an excellent platform for Indian models to create a niche for themselves while also helping fill that void of supermodels India has been feeling for over a decade now.

So while I was attending the Elite Model Look India 2014 ‘National Casting‘ and ‘Grooming Sessions‘, I had the opportunity to meet Nupur Tron. She is the Goodwill Ambassadress for India & France and is also a jewelry designer.  But most importantly, she is the license owner of Elite Model Look in India and was amongst the judging panel at the ‘Grand Finale’ of Elite Model Look India held on 12th Oct at Sofitel, Mumbai. She told us how her passion for art & culture motivated her to bring Elite Model Look to India and moving forward, how Elite plans to put the Indian modeling industry on the world map. Also about her work as the Goodwill Ambassadress for France & India and a lot more.

Over to Nupur…

Q. Please tell us about yourself.
NT: I curate lot of Art and Cultural projects between France and India and was the only Indian part of French president Nicolas Sarkozy’s delegation in 2010. I have my haute jewelry brand Nupur Paris which retails in Le Bon March (top luxury concept stor in ein Paris owned by LVMH). I own Elite Model Look (EMI) India and I’m proud to bring this fantastic platform for the youth of India with dreams and aspirations.

Q. You started as a jewelry designer. Please tell us something about your experience.
NT: I actually started fashion in New York 10 years ago and then started my fine jewelry line in Paris. My jewelry line has been in existence since again 10 years now although my jewelry line was purely accidental. But I guess best thing sin life start by accident.

Q. You are also a consultant for luxury brands. Which luxury brands do you consult?
NT: I work in the Art De Vivre which means art and culture and that is a huge spectrum of umbrella covering fashion, contemporary arts, sports, gastronomy, wine & champagne, fine jewelry, the list goes on.
I work closely with Dom Perignon, Berandaud, Christofle, Baccarat, Boucheron fine jewelry, Museum and art galleries in Farnce and independent artists and designers, photographers, chefs like Alain Passard. Each project is so unique in its own way. I’m extremely fortunate and blessed to do what I love.

Q. What is the luxury market in India like and what is the future of luxury market in India?
NT: Luxury is something that was invented in India. The culture of having your own jeweler, couturier and cobbleris in no other country but here! Hence, the value of luxury is something that we Indians know very well. India is growing at such a fast pace, its hard to keep a tap on how fast things are moving here. The need for Indians to consumer luxury has never been so high. Its constantly growing digits are very motivating for brands to come to India so the future for luxury brands in India is extremely good.

Q. Please tell us about your work as the Goodwill Ambassadress for France & India.
NT: Being Goodwill Ambassadress means that one works not only with institutions or associations but with many independent ones. It is solicited by both governments of both the countries.

Its rare to meet a woman who has interest in arts and commerce at the same time. A rare combination indeed. Nupur Tron is an entrepreneur in the true sense. The one thing that will not go unnoticed is her exuberance and her warm personality. And one more thing that you will definitely notice about her is her confidence and enthusiasm that is both infectious and inspiring. And did I forget to mention how beautiful she is?!! smiley You can read more about her here.

Q. How did you bring Elite Model Look to India? How did you go about it?
NT: Elite Model Look (EML) is my second baby. My first baby is six months old 🙂  Being Indian and growing out of India, I’ve always been passionate about bringing art & culture related projects to India and to bring the best of India on a global platform. Hence, this was the perfect platform for the youth of India.

Q. How would you describe the current state of Indian modeling industry?
NT: Currently I think its not quite there as it is at a very nascent stage. But I’m sure that with EML, we will be able to build a platform to bring the exotic and gorgeous India people on the global platform that it so deserves. And soon enough, we will have both male and female EML winners representing India in the international market

Q. What are Elite’s plans for the Indian market?
NT: Big! Right now its a baby thats just been born. It will grow each year, walk and run…

Q. What qualities does Elite look for in Indian models?
NT: The EML standard is pretty high and it is something we are very strict about. Its not just about the plastic beauty or colour of the model’s skin. Its about inner personality, confidence and maturity and of course a great fit body. All these qualities form a very important part of criteria for EML when selecting their models.

Q. There has been a growing trend of international models grabbing the Indian modeling scene. Why do you think is this happening and how do you plan to empower Indian models to reverse this trend?
NT: EML is a very strong platform with presence in 60+ countries. Every year, each country showcases their models in its own right. With Indian edition of EML, we would like the same trend and pattern being adopted where the contestants represent India internationally. Once they make it internationally, I’m sure they will make waves in their home country too.

All I can say is that I cant wait to see Indian models on international ramps representing our country and returning as winners. Here’s wishing Nupur Tron and Elite Model Look India the very best.