Preview: Blenders Pride Fashion Tour 2014

This was an evening full of designers and their beautiful creations. Blenders Pride Fashion Tour preview had the most talented designers of India showcase their innovative designs that I had the opportunity to watch, appreciate and devour. Along with the designers, there were two very special guests, actor par excellence, Boman Irani and popular writer Chetan Bhagat as well a very sought-after duo in music The Midival Punditz. The event held at Grand Hyatt, Mumbai was a preview to the show that will begin its journey on 15th of November 2014.

Starting mid-November, Blenders Pride Fashion Tour, will travel to five cities - Hyderabad, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Kolkata. During the fashion shows the creative artists will mesmerize the audiences.  To compliment them, some of the best music bands in the country including Ankur Tiwari, Ash & Ashvin, Boom Bay Central, Karsh Kale, MIDIval Pundits and Shaa’ir + Func, will do a especially curated LIVE music performance. The show will also see Boman Irani, Chetan Bhagat, Wasim Akram, Irfan Khan join the tour.

Disclaimer: Nothing is wrong with your computers. The black & white pictures that you’re seeing here, represent the photographer's personal sense of style. He believes black & white pictures have much more character than colored ones. And I totally agree with himsmiley  You can check out more of his work here.

Abraham & Thakore
Gaurav Gupta
Neeta Lulla
Pankaj & Nidhi
Rocky S
Namrata Joshipura
Suneet Varma
An extremely dramatic and highly stylized ‘Shekhwati’ collection by Suneet Varma was the high point. The crimson red outfit designed by him mersmerized everyone present there.


Varun Bahl
One of the most innovative Indian designers, Shilpa Chavan aka Little Shilpa, who designs fashionable headgears, showcased an interesting ensemble.


Actor par excellence, Boman Irani and popular writer Chetan Bhagat joined as special guests


The highly talented musicians Midival Punditz will be doing music for Blenders Pride Fashion Tour 2014


The best part of the evening was the chat with all the designers and guests conducted by GQ India editor Che Kurien


Special Moments…..



And thats me, chatting with Little Shilpa. She mentioned how everybody in Indian fashion was doing a statement necklace or statement earrings, and they did it so much that statement jewelery became boring.
And people started asking for something new and fresh. That is when Indian fashion became open to the idea of trying out hats and headgears. She also explains how she consciously moved from her fantasy
world to the more real world by creating retail friendly designs to reach out to more people. 


One of the most renowned Indian designers, Neeta Lulla is doing something that no one in the Indian fashion industry has ever tried. Mentoring young people who would like to learn about fashion
but cant afford to enroll in a fashion school. She takes them through the entire process of designing and advices them on career prospects through emails. Time to give back she says. I say, its the
best gesture, ever! Salute.


Boman Irani. What a handsome and intelligent and a witty man. I’m just so hopelessly smitten :P 
He said something that we all know but cant manage to muster enough courage to say it out loud. He said that fashion is about wearing
the right clothes for the occasion thereby showing respect to your host. For him, its all about the ‘right clothes’ and not about fashion.