Vichy: Products' Review

Happy New Year people :) Its been a great 2014 for me and I hope the same trend continues this year as well smiley Also hope that this year brings you guys all the work and money you’ve been wishing for smiley

So, I have been wondering for a few days about what should be my first post for 2015. And all through this thinking, one idea that kept coming back to my mind was Vichy. After a highly inspiring session with Dr. Jaishree Sharad at the Vichy Blogger’s Meet last month, I was so kicked that I bought myself some really cool products from this brand. It seemed like a nice year-end gift to myself that would also give me the opportunity to introduce myself to such a highly reputed brand that works on skincare, bodycare, makeup and anti-ageing products. The best thing I decided was to pick up products from each range and so I got Bi White MED for pigmentation, LiftActiv for Anti-Ageing, Normaderm for Anti Acne and imperfections, Capital Soleil for Sun protection and Aqualia Thermal for Hydration. I have been using these products for about two weeks now and would love to share my thoughts about them with you all. So here they are. Read on...

  1. VICHY Aqualia Thermal: This is by far one of the best creams I have ever used. Contained in a small blue tinted glass jar with a shiny silver cap, It’s is a white colored cream that is very light on the skin and absorbs really well. It lives up to its promise of providing hydration and keeps my skin well plumped and moisturized to say the least. Its not at all greasy. A little hard on fragrance, yes, but I love the smell. Full marks to packaging as well. I’m asboloutely in love with this one. Priced at INR1,350/- for 50ml, its a ‘must buy’. Will I repurchase it again? You bet!
  1. VICHY Capital Soleil: This sunscreen comes in a yellow colored tube and has a thickish cream consistency. It is SPF 50 and offers both UVA and UVB protection. The best thing about this sunscreen is that it blends well into the skin and does not leave a white cast, which most of other sunscreens do. Instead it provides a matte effect on blending which is what I always seek in a sunscreen. I have a normal skin with oily patches and this sunscreen works perfectly well for me. You can also wear this under your makeup. And yes, it has a bit of a fragrance which I’m oaky with. End of the day, I’m really happy to have found a sunscreen that actually works. Priced at INR1,090/- for 50ml, its a ‘must buy’. I would definitely buy this product again and will highly recommend it to my friends.
  1. VICHY LiftActiv: This is an anti-ageing formula and comes in the form of a translucent viscous serum. With a gel-like consistency, it gets absorbed quickly and is really light and non-greasy.  It has a dropper dispenser which I quite like because it dispenses small quantity of the gel and does not waste it.The one thing that you cant miss about this product is the instant lift/boost it gives to the skin. Once applied, your face will immediately feel taut and firm and its such a great feeling. I’m in my early 30s and even though I dont have any visible wrinkles, I believe its time for me to start using anti-ageing creams & serums and this one seems quite promising. I have been using it for two weeks now, I apply it usually mornings and nights and it has clearly made my skin more plumper and my pores look smaller. It has a light fragrance which is quite alright. Priced at INR2,650/ for 30ml, it does sound a bit steep, but its definitely worth it! I would surely repurchase this and highly recommend it.
  1. VICHY Normaderm: This is a cleanser/facewash that comes in a green tube packaging.  Its a transparent gel with a hint of green. Initially when I used it, my skin broke out a bit. But on constantly using it for about two weeks now, I dont get anymore breakouts plus this facewash does not make my skin feel dry in the least. This product smells great. Its a combination of green, clean and fresh fragrance which I absoloutely love. Its quite gentle and cleans really well. This product claims to fight against acne but since I dont really have acne issues, I guess I cant comment much about it. Priced at INR490/- for 100ml its a pretty good facewash and a ‘must try’.
  1. VICHY Bi White MED: Sorry guys, but you will have to wait for the review of this one. I have given this cream to a friend who has spots on his face and I want to see how well this product works. So stay tuned :)