You dreaded monsoons because you couldnt dress up? And you thought rainwear couldnt be glamorous?!! You only have to check out Sonya Vajifdar's rainwear collection to dispel your monsoon myths.

I have never ever seen such a glamorous and interesting take on rainwear. Its amazing how Sonya has converted dull and boring raincoats and jackets into covetable bubble dress raincoats, rain trenches and ponchos. Hers is the first and only brand in India to have started designer rainwear  both for men and women. Her rainwear collection ranges from pastels to bright colors and is accompanied with a lot of bling in the form of sequins. Not only is the rainwear glamorous, but equally chic too. Her rainwear has already gathered a lot of interest internationally. If more Indian designers took inspiration from Sonya Vajifdar and brought in interesting clothes like these, I'm sure very soon we'll have Monsoon Fashion Week too...and why not? We desperately need good-looking and trendy rain clothes, esp. in cities like Delhi and Mumbai that stand for fashion & glamor. In addition to creating rainwear for men and women, she has come up with practical raingear for pets too. Check out Sonya Vajifdar's uber stylish rainwear here.

Sonya Vajifdar's chic rain trenchoat on international ramps      Sonya Vajifdar's bubble jacket for her rainwear collection on international ramp


Sonya Vajifdar's glamorous rainwear dress with hood in bright neon blue for her rainwera collection on international ramp      Sonya Vajifdar's chic transparent dress with sequins in waterproof material for her rainwear collection


Sonya Vajifdar's niche and practical rainwear collection for the pets      Sonya Vajifdar's niche and practical rainwear in bright blue for the pets


Besides rainwear, Sonya Vajifdar also designs very high end garments for women. Hers is a luxury brand with the best quality of fabrics and extremely fine detailing. Her collections are all about classic and elegant evening wear that comprise of sensual and chic cocktail dresses and gowns. She has a great knack for mixing soft and hard fabrics together to create elegant yet strong looks. Her evening wear collection that takes its inspiration from 'waterfalls' is very well translated into garments in the form of drapes and shaded nets to create an authentic waterfall effect. Absoloutely gorgeous!

Sonya Vajifdar's collection taking inspiration from 'waterfalls' is a beautiful combination of drapes and shaded nets for authentic waterfall effect


Sonya Vajifdar has styled Chitrangada Singh and has also worked with celebs like Shazahn Padamsee, Aanchal Kumar, Deepti Gujral and Soniya Mehra. Her collections have featured in all top fashion magazines. The brand, Sonya Vajifdar is retailing its products to stores in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Goa etc, in India and Mauritius and Dubai overseas. For more information, contact Sonya Vajifdar at www.sonyavajifdar.com