Tints And Shades

Summers are all about bright & cool colors, pastels, florals. Think bright blues. Think fresh greens. Think delicate pinks. Well, the summers of 2015 will have all that but with a twist. This summer will be defined by understated brights, pale pastels, tropical landscapes and soft cool hues blended with subtle warm tones to bring in a soothing and tranquil effect which is a-must to keep us sane from the madness our lifestyle brings us these days. 

So, talking about colors for spring summer 2015, there is a very interesting palette consisting of shades from aqumarine to toasted almond, tangerine (my fav.) and extending all the way till Glacier gray. So I have picked up my favourites and created little….ummmm U could call them mood boards. Go on, take a look :)

Lucite Green
Strawberry Ice

Collage create on: polyvore.com

Preview image courtsey: etsy.com


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