Say it right !

Zegna pronounced as ZEE-NYA,  Lanvin pronounced as LON-VIN.....Hermes pronounced as AIR-MEZ.... hhmmmmm :)

Sometime ago, while I was styling Preity Zinta for People magazine cover story, I heard her say LOO-BO-TAUN for the brand Loubotin ...I was not sure of the correct pronunciation so after pack-up I went home and looked up online....and bingo...she was absoloutely right ! (although there can be slight variations in these pronunciations)

So many international designers and brands...and such difficult names....and we all have pronounced them incorrectly at some point or the other. Haven't we? :)
Not that its a problem...its completely okay to not know...but the idea is to find out. Goes to show the effort you put in, in looking up those details. Its even more important to find out how to say the names correctly, esp. when we are flooded with international brands, magazines and our daily conversations are packed with fashion jargon and designers' names. So honestly this is the least we can do, if we claim to be designers, stylists or fashionistas for that matter !

A few links that could help you in finding out the correct pronunciation of international designers:
An entire series on youtube, this is one of the links, you just need to explore