My Umbrella Memories

I had a very strong feeling that there is something about umbrellas this season.  When I say that, I can see all grins as if trying to say "Good Morning!  So you do realize monsoons are about umbrellas" :)  Well, I mean I know that and see bright, beautiful coloured ones adorning every year, the 'stores' and the 'no stores', the road-side sellers that is.

But somehow, this time around, I was anticipating some really interesting umbs and well well well...I was so right!!!

I had noticed the pastel coloured frilly umbrellas on hill road and linking road, also colaba causeway, as well as the polka-dotted ones.  But while I was going through this month's issue of Marie Claire, I noticed the go shopping:Umbrellas under the shopping section titled 'UNDER MY UMBRELLA'.  What beautiful Umbrellas yaar!  I loved the one from Marks & Spencers:Stripes & Spots (Rs395) as well as the one from The Bombay Store:Newspaper print (Rs500).  Where one stands for such vibrant and playful hues, the other takes away the cake for retro graphics in form of newsprint.  I'm so waiting to buy both these.  I loved the Burberry too Burberry:Exploded Check Regent but shelling out 10.5k for an umb. a little too far-fetched for me.

Nevertheless, the article took me back to my school days, when I was studying in Dehradun and must have been in 7th or the 8th grade, and one of my class-mates, Megha  was carrying one of the most beautiful (in a pop way) umbrellas I have ever seen (to this date)(what a co-incidence, Megha means 'rains'...LOL)  It was fluorescent pink with a very graphic 'madonna' face in black, on one half of the umbrella.  How stylish !!!  I had'nt seen anything like that...ever !  She had apparently bought it from Mussoorie.

I was so in love with that umb that I wanted to go to Mussoorie that day itself to buy it.  Yes, we used to travel to Mussoorie quite often, but going there just to buy an parents found the idea a little too indulgent.  Later when I did go there, I couldnt find anything even close to it :(   That was back then, some 12-13 years ago.  Its so funny how I still feel a sense of loss for not being able to buy that umbrella.

On that note, I'd just say, I want to make sure that I dont miss the chance this time again :)

And as I was going through flickr to look for some interesting pictures on umbrella, I found an entire pool devoted to em' :)  Check out