My Love for Old Cameras

I recently got hold of an old Yashica camera. It was like going down memory lanes and indulging in the past. As a kid, I took pictures from my dad’s yashica camera. It worked on rolls, had no zoom in or zoom out, did have a flash but that’s about it. Yet it got us awesome results. Today my husband has a huge ass DSLR, I have a smaller digital camera not to forget cameras on our phones. The technology and features in these cameras is unbeatable and yet there is something missing. Probably its the simplicity. Simplicity of design & technology. Or the lack of it. And probably thats why there is this thing about old cameras that I still find so intriguing and fascinating. They worked on simple principles and gave incredible results.

I dont wish for technology to go back in time but I do wish for newer gadgets to be less intimidating and less stressful because in all these latest creations, I miss that simplicity.