The Little Quirks

Talking about quirks in fashion, very few people can wear their quirks with conviction.
Well...quirky is simply quirky, its not fashionable; its not trendy; it does not conform to any set rules or a fashion era in particular, but is individualistic and is all about attitude, and that is what makes it so unique.
I have so far come across very few people who are genuinely quirky (also read interesting).
One of them, who also happens to be a close friend of mine is Shruti. I completely admire her two nose-pins, one on either side of the nose and her love for wigs. In the pic below, she is wearing a curly-haired wig.

Shruti Quirky Fashion



















Another friend, Priyanka, is a beautiful young girl with a bold and quirky taste for fashion. Love her big red bindi, which inspite of being so conventionally Hindu, looks off-beat...all because of the lady's attitude. Damn interesting ! Also her quirky color combinations.
When I asked about her style, she said that she likes to portray her moods through what she wears. She also finds it sad that the big maroon bindi which is so classy and goes with everything should find so few women trying it on even though we have generations of mums and grandmums sporting it. Well Priyanka...I'm sure you can be a big inspiration to all the young ladies!

Priyanka Handa Quirky red bindi Priyanka Handa quirky color combination




Talking about celebrities, Patricia Field, completely tops the chart. Her red hair, her unique style of combining bohemian with chic and retro with the latest is so....well....quirky :)

Patricia Field quirky fashionPatricia Field quirky fashion



And one person, who I find inspiring and who is also very well known for her quirkiness is Sapna Bhavnani. She is loaded with style which is her very own. Her clothes, her hair, her tattoos,her attitude, everything about her, from top to bottom is awesomely quirky.

Sapna Bhavnani quirky fashionSapna Bhavnani quirky fashion