Heel-less Heels: Because Truth is Stranger than Fiction

This lovely post has been contributed by guest author and a very dear friend Cyril Abraham. He left fashion for IT so now vents his fashion proclivity by designing for his muse, his wife Julie. His personal style is very minimal; he loves corlors, fabrics and embroideries and never ceases to experiment.

During my short career in fashion I have always endorsed that a right footwear could add that extra oomph to an ensemble.  And it makes me happy to see that women are finally getting experimental with their footwear. I wont be surprised if a bride slips into a pair of boots with her ankle length embellished bridal saree one of these days. 

Illusion Heels
Image Source: heels.com


Recently I saw Tanisha Mukherjee  adorning her feet with a peculiar footwear which didn't have any heels. I call them illusion heels though colloquially its known as heels without heels, gravity shoes… I learn from my internet findings  that these were first introduced by the very famous French designer  André Perugia.  He unveiled this creation not weeks or years ago but 7 decade ago! He wrote a book "From Eve to Rita Hayworth" in which he said that the way to unveil a woman's personality was to study her feet. And its not a surprise to  me that he could come up with something as novel as illusion heels.

Gravity Shoes
Image Source: heels.com
Studded heel-less heel
Image Source: aliexpress.com

These heels looks intimidating and it definitely needs some practice to wear them. Having said that, it also gives that unique style and not to mention an exaggeration to one’s personality. They come in all shapes, lengths and colours. Some with very neat and sharp cuts while some with interesting metallic ornamentation. However these are recommended only for the brave souls who are always hungry to scavenge attention with their style and presence.

So if you're planning to brave this style, here is a little tutorial on how to walk and run in these heel-less heels

Gravity Shoes
Image Source: wheretogetit.com


Do tell us how you're doing in your heel-less heels and if you like the trend.

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