G for Gold

If its party time, I'd say 'Wear Gold'....all the way! But I'd also say its a very tricky trend. You need to balance it and style it very carefully if you dont want to look like you are trying too hard to get noticed. All the same, too much of gold is not elegant.
Here are a few looks and tips that will help you use tricky gold to your best advantage. So, I've created 3 looks using gold, for day, evening and night respectively. See what you want to pick.

1.  Daytime is an equally good time to wear gold as evenings or nights. What you need to take care is that you use the gold modestly. Wear gold preferably for the top, muted gold is better than a bright blingy one. In this look, the gold print on a white top makes for a perfect gold outfit for the day. You can add some more bling in form of accessories like a gold watch, a gold ring and so on. If you want to keep the gold prominent or as your main thing, go for a neutral or muted color for bottoms and classic footwear. Here, I've used a military green as its my latest crush :P and I think its muted yet a very strong hue, works great for a day outfit, not to forget, its the ín' thing.

A little bit of gold_1



2. For evenings, you can go a little OTT. A gold or shiny copper jacket is far more stylish and versatile than a plain gold garment. I have teamed it with a sheer black shirt with gold studded collar which again is a big trend. You can wear black denims although I prefer distressed dark blue ones as they dont look too formal. Depends on what kind of look you want to carry or what kind of an image you want to convey. If you are tall, you can go for loafers and also wear a fedora hat for a cool, casual look, more appropriate for chilling out with friends or going to a pub. If you want to convey a little more formality than that, go for stilettos in a classic color. Keep accessories in gold or if you like, add a pinch of color. Just dont clash it with silver.

A little bit of gold_2





3. For night you'd think you can go totally OTT with gold. But I'd say 'not really' unless you're going to the Oscars or a highly formal cocktail evening. An entirely gold dress is a very socialite kind of statement. So, I mean completely go for it if thats your thing. I would suggest a more delicate use of this trend, like a gold lace dress or something like a dress in this look. Its a fitted white dress with embellishment in gold around the contours, just perfect to enhance your curves. You can add a little color in your jewellery or footwear or your clutch. I would suggest a hand-held clutch for this dress or one that has a delicate gold chain. Gold is so bold, you have to wear accessories that look a little delicate to balance the bling. If you think there is too much happening, you can bring it down by adding antique gold to your ensemble but you will have to see that everything looks good together. I mean, you are the best judge.

A little bit of gold_4




So party hard and wear lots of gold !!!


Image Courtesy: polyvore.com
Preview Image Courtesy: openclipart.org