Every Working Woman's Makeup Bag Should Have These 5 Makeup Essentials

Let me call myself a hardcore makeup fan. Bordering makeup addict. My daily makeup essentials include 10-12 makeup products. Plus a few more for occasions that I truly look forward to, like an evening out with friends or a dinner date with hubby. However, there was a time when makeup products didnt feature anywhere in my life. No base makeup, no eye makeup and no lipsticks whatsoever. But things changed for good. My freelance styling job that had me spend most of the time on road in Mumbai heat or on shoots never really allowed me to wear anything that would make me look even slightly pretty. Lets say, I never had the luxury to pamper myself. But with a full-time corporate job, I realized the importance of makeup for a working woman. And I'm proud to say, I practice the art of makeup everyday. Ofcourse, it took me a lot of patience and hours of watching thousands of beauty videos on youtube and millions on Instagram, but I got there. And while learning how to achieve the natural makeup look for daily-wear or smokey eye-makeup for a work event, I also learnt that there are a few makeup products that need to be there in every working woman's bag. Let me take you through them:


1. Pressed Powder Foudnation: Not any pressed powder but one that is a combination of foundation and concealer suited to your skin tone. While brands can claim their powders to last 24 hours a day, the fact is, they dont. I can atleast tell you about India (and Mumbai in particular). From the time I leave home and reach my workplace, my makeup already starts showing signs of melting or fading away. The fact is, most of us commute on a daily basis and expecting the makeup to last in such conditions is just plain stupid. Pressed powder is the easiest way to touch up your makeup and look fresh and ready to take on the day. It doesnt spill like loose powder and is super easy to apply. You can use the round blender that usually comes with the powder for application. Or you can go for a powder brush which is my choice too. MAC Studio Fix in shade NC41 works best for my wheatish fair skin tone. You can go to a MAC store and find out your shade.

2. Eye-Liner: Nothing can make eyes look more pretty than an eyeliner. Its also the best way to define eyes or shape them the way you want to. Its okay to not apply it when leaving for work but its definitely not okay to not carry one. Essentially, always carry an eyeliner in your makeup bag. Pen eyeliners are great for working women because they are no-fuss and offer easy application as opposed to a liquid eyeliner (which needs 1000 years of practice to apply and you still might not get it right). Also, remember to buy water proof and smudge proof eyeliner.

3. Lipcolor: If there was to be one staple makeup product, it would be lipcolor. Irrespective of brand or shade, lipcolor is something one cant stay without, or lets say, shouldnt stay without. And while there are matte options with great lasting power, not every woman likes the feel of matte. They can be a tad drying. But the fact is, glossy lipsticks dont stay too long (never mind the claims) and we all (women) know that after a meal or coffee, one cant even tell a speck of lipcolor on the lips. Which brings us to the point that your makeup bag is rather useless without this makeup product. Even if  you apply a lipcolor when leaving for work, please always carry 1-2 shades with you. I would suggest a nude-pink or nude-brown for usual days and berry for special occasions. Both the shades work perfectly for Indian skin tone.

4. Perfume: The humidity in this country can get to you. And when it makes you stink, trust me, it gets to others too! Body odor is natural but you cant take it for granted. However long lasting, in humid weather conditions, perfumes do wear out. Spraying perfume twice a day should be part of your daily hygiene. Always carry a (30ml or a 50ml) bottle with you to smell professional at any given time of the day. Gucci bamboo is my current favorite and Coco Madamoiselle my all-time fav but you must also check out Issey Miyake, a classic perfume that goes great for all kinds of occasions.

5. Wet Wipes: Every working woman is faced with a situation where she has to hop from her workplace to a meeting at the client's office and then hop back to her workplace before she leaves for the day. Its particularly important in these (trying) times to carry wet wipes to wipe your underarms off all the sweat (I'm sure it sounds gross but sometimes so is reality). Wet wipes also double up as makeup remover without any fear of leakage of a usual liquid remover. After all the brands I have tried, I totally swear by Mothercare wet wipes. Great quality and fragrance free.

Do share what you like to carry in your bags!