Dress up right for the interview

Getting ready for an interview? There is no reason why you have to dress up in boring black and white irrespective of how conventional your profession is. A well turned-out person is always in demand. So here are a few tips that will surely go a long way in establishing that ‘stylish and professional image’ for you.


A day in office
                                                                               Image Courtesy: polyvore.com

  • So I understand that a lot of women prefer wearing a white shirt for interviews or formal meetings. Wear one, but this time, invest in an off-white shirt instead of a school-white shirt. Off-white shirts are far more elegant and graceful.
  • For bottoms, wear a conventional color (and I don’t mean boring black) but in an interesting shade. The best thing to wear would be a pair of blue trousers in a bright shade. I recently saw bright blue pants at Aldo in their new collection, you might want to check them out.
  • Team it with a slim belt. If you're on the shorter side, wear a belt in a similar color as that of pants. This helps in giving a consistent over-all look by not breaking your figure visually and thus making you look taller.
  • Time for shoes! Since you are already wearing a strong color for your bottoms, it will be good to wear the same color in a darker shade for your shoes, so yeah! Dark blue would be great or if you want to be on the safer side, wear tan footwear.
    Stay away from black footwear as much as  possible. They are simply boring and uptight ! And please, by all means don’t wear flats ! Wear decent heels or wedges, whatever you are comfortable in. Wedges are quite ‘in’. Just don’t go for chunky ones for a formal meeting.
  • If you have opted for blue footwear and since you are already wearing blue pants, its time to balance your look by picking up a neutral color bag like maybe a tan bag. Matching the color of shoes and bags is not cool anymore. But when you are wearing them in classic or neutrals like black, grey or tan, matching their colors is not such a bad idea.
  • Don a pair of tinted brown sunglasses and add a hint of gold through your wrist watch or earrings. Complete your look with natural looking make-up and tied up, non-messy hair. And don’t forget to wear a light, day perfume.
  • And you’re all set for the interview! Wish you great luck :)


Preview Image Courtesy: fashiongonerogue.com