Dr. Joanne

Its been quite some time since I did photography, although the one thing that I have done very religiously inspite of everything is checking out Dr. Joanne's work. She is my favourite photographer on flickr.  I dont particularly think her work is conventionally beautiful or picturesque, and is rather dark in their subject as well as colours. But thats exactly what is so striking about her work. Her work is extremely thoughtful and says so much.  It's so amazing how she can talk her mind through pictures. And such well-captured ones, at that !

Most of her pictures are extremely surreal and even when they not, they are layered with meanings.
At times I just keep looking at her work, trying to find my own meaning in them.
This picture in particular is one of my favourites (its one of her fav. too).

Dr. Joanne's work

I just love it because its not about fashion, and yet is so fashionable and stylish.  Well...its just that I cant help looking at every picture from a fashion and a stylist's point of view (a professional hazard I guess :) ), and I couldnt help writing about this one. What contrast in colours, love the red and pink background and what I find most interesting in this pic is 'the third leg'. What composition!  Its so inspiring.



The second pic. that I think is equally interesting is 'stares'.  Best way to put to use those lovely stockings. So stylish ! Dr. Joanne could have been a fashion photographer to say the least.

.Dr. Joanne's work



The pic 'he leaned in to kiss her...', It distrubs me so badly, I get goose bumps and yet I keep going back to it, because it intrigues me at the same time.

Dr. Joanne's work


And check out this pic. titled 'embarrassed'... Interesting ! :)

Dr. Joanne's work


And you have to check out the 'killer red'...I just love love love this picture; the colours, the composition, the framing....looks so simple... simply amazing !!!

Dr. Joanne's work


I will need a couple of more blogs to write about her work...and the ones that I love the most :) :) :)