Branded blues

I just dont get it when clothing stores...rather decent clothing stores...dont have a decent trial room...or even if they do, they don't have basic facilities in a trial room like enough pegs or/and small table/chair.

Well, I had gone to buy 'workout outfits' or 'gym outfits' and decided to check out stores like Nike, Reebok, Adidas at Infinity mall (Andheri West, Mumbai)... to see what they have to offer.
Reebok of all the 3 stores, was the least manintained in terms of visual merchandising and placement of clothes.  I can understand that since its discount season because of which it is always crowded, and thus, gets difficult to keep the stuff in order.  But keeping women's clothes in men's section and accessories (bottles) in women's....well, it just looked too chaotic.  And then to add cherry to the cake, like I've already mentioned, there were 2 pegs 'only' to hang the clothes.  By the way, you can take max. 3 garments in the trial room, and considering that you come wearing a few of ur own clothes (hopefully), I was not sure how to manage with the given situation.  What I find most irritating is that, we, the customers, always pay a handsome price for these branded products, and then we dont even get the basic amenities.

 Nevertheless, the staff was good and well-trained, unlike Nike, where the staff was utterly clueless.  Believe me, I'm not exaggerating but the guy there didnt know simple things like, if the length of the lowers could be altered or not, and then to add another cherry to the cake, this guy went to confirm with his senior and came back to tell me, that the length could be altered (thank God he realized) and that, they did provide alteration facilities but didnt have the required sewing machine.  (They had the sewing machine that could work on cotton clothes but not the lycra belended ones, which makes for atleast 25% of the store stock).  Given the price they charge, avg. 1200/- for any garment (which is definitely not less), shouldnt they have two sewing machines, for both kinds of fabrics??!!!! I should mentioned, that the trial room here was better than the one at Reebok, here there were 3 pegs and not 2.

And then my third stop, Adidas, where there was really no variety in terms of lowers.  I dont blame them because of the discount season again, as there is hardly any new stock to offer.  So I guess I dont have much to say about them.

I finally bought a pair of black lycra blended lowers from Reebok, for which there was again no alteration facility provided by Reebok.

Well, the entire experience was not great, to say the least, and definitely not worth the price we pay for these brands.

Aah! Something that I just remembered...,my visit to Shopper's Stop sometime ago, when one of the floors (meant for women's wear) had just been renovated and had new trial rooms, which were absoloutely bare, with no pegs, no chair/table, no women around to help....and ofcourse... no regret or apologies whatsoever... for the inconvenience caused to the customers !   Some service these brands offer !!!