5 Reasons Handmade Soaps are truly better than regular bars

I have always been allergic to soaps; even the mildest of the soaps give me red itchy rashes esp. on the neck and chest. I tried shower gel and that did help but only to an extent. But a couple of months ago I discovered rash-free shower when a friend gifted me a box of Gulnar handmade soaps making me realize there is no dearth of good quality handmade soaps available in the market that are any day better than regular bars. And where is what makes them so good...

Benefits of handmade soaps
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  1. No Synthetics Handmade soaps are free from petroleum, synthetic fragrances and harmful chemicals that you definitely dont want on your skin.
  2. Mild Compared to factory produced soaps, handmade soaps are much more gentle, mild and skin friendly. They are sometimes even milder than bars meant for kids.
  3. No Petroleum Petroeum, which is present in bars does a lot of harm to skin. One of the key ingredients of bars, petroleum, which is added in the name of moisturizer strips the skin off natural moisture and oils thus proving to be exceptionally drying.
  4. Biodegradable Natural handmade soaps are biodegradable, environment-frinedly and do not originate from petroleum which does great harm to the environment.
  5. Awesome Flavours Handmade soaps are available in amazing fruity flavours like strawberry, orange, apple, etc. that smell fresh and natural unlike regular bars.

I'm sure once you try handmade soaps, you will never want to go back to factory produced bars. Besides, natural is always better than synthetic!

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