October 2011

I have some issues with Indian clothing brands

One thing that I have failed repeatedly in finding in Indian clothing brands is...well-fitting garments, for women in particular. They are all about excellent fabrics, decent styles, pathetic fits!!!
The trousers might fit on the waist, but they wont ever fit on the  bum; if they do ever manage to fit on the bum, they will fit funny on the crotch. And...if and only if they do fit you fine on all these aspects...they wont be the size you usually wear, in other words inconsistent sizes. I find it very hard to believe that we have access to one of the best fabrics (esp. cotton) in the world, in fact we export finest quality cottons all over the world, we have the required manual labour, we have great pattern-masters, cutters, tailors as well as excellent quality trims, thanks to garment export units reaching every corner of the world and we have some really good fashion design & technology institutes in our country.....yet our Indian clothing industry is plagued with tacky fits and inconsistent sizes.
I went to Cotton World the other day (I love their fine cottons) and found 2 similar styled woven tops/blouses, both labeled 'Small' but in reality they were completely different sizes. Were they labeled wrong? No...because there were more styles following just about any size.

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