September 2010


Am writing after ages....was so occupied...didnt have a second to breathe.  In a creative field, when there is no work, there is really none...and when it rains it pours...and pours like cats and dogs. So have been enjoying  prolonged monsoons :), and its not over yet, which is even better :)

I had been so itching to write, but schedule just wouldnt let me. Finally, I get a Sunday free ; well honestly, I do have a lot of work, but I have showed it the middle finger !

All this while, I was busy with one shoot or the other.  I assisted Shiraz Siddique on 3 ads for SRK, the nerolac ad, the Bel Monte suitings ad and i10 ad. The nerolac ad is already on air.  The nerolac and i 10 ads were pretty simple to handle, but Bel Monte was damn hectic, and a high pressure one. I managed well, nevertheless.  Besides, there is nothing better than working for SRK. So I'd say whatever the pressure or difficulties, the pleasure is all mine.
Also assisted Priyanjali, my senior ex-colleague on a Van Heusen ad. That too went off really well. Got to work with Siddhartha...damn sweet and very handsome :P   Handsome se yaad aaya (I'm quite inspired with Dabbang :D)....after the Van Heusen ad we had a still shoot with Siddhartha and the photographer handling the shoot was Tarun Solanki, a Bangalore based photographer....and boy was he HOT and STYLISH too !!! 
I looked up online and found his work on his website  Interesting...and damn retro esp. his recent work.  Although I do wish he'd change the name of his website...find it a little cheesy.

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