August 2010

Styling Casual Denim looks I

Well, going by the fashion cardinal rule, the color of your belt and shoes should match, of course with little variations (you dont have to kill yourself or others...for that beigish pink belt, coz its next to impossible to get the exact shade in shoes and belt, and yes a little variation for formals and casuals too).
But this rule is far more easier for men to follow. Why? Because women have one more equally significant color in their outfit to work around with - the handbag !
So now there are not two but three equally important elements in a woman's outfit that need to be balanced first and foremost with the garment, and then against each other.

When faced with a situation like this, which is pretty much everyday, I generally follow a few simple tips and of course...go by my gut instinct :)

You can be confronted with innumerable situations, but when its about denim casuals, this is how it typically goes:

Situation A : Classic blue jeans + white top
For me, a white top teamed with blue jeans epitomise a classic casual look, and so I love to team with this look - tan accessories, instead of black, coz tan is extremely chic and equally chilled out. Here, the tan belt and shoes should be more or less the same shade of tan, but the bag can be a little different, say, a chocolate brown with some texture, to break monotony.

White t-shirt, blue jeans, casual, chic look, casual classic
























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    The Little Quirks - II

    My quirky friend Shruti, from my previous blog - The Little Quirks, has been really sweet and contributed even quirkier pics...of hers and her curly hair wig. Love the orange flower on her hair. Take a look :) 

    Shruti, curly hair wig, quirky fashion

















    Shruti curly hair wig2, quirky fashion











    I am soooo dying to buy moccasins.
    They are extremely comfortable & chic, at the same time, make for a great fashion statement.
    I remember possessing a pair of tan loafers as a kid; they werent really fashionable then, but hell...I never cared :)
    I did bump into, sometime back, these lovely lovely vintage pink moccasins at Bata, a brand where I had never imagined I would find even a single pair of fashionable footwear.  They did have a new collection of great footwear (only a few designs though, but quite trendy), but unfortunately, these pink moccasins were not available in my size.
    So, I have been looking up online, trying my luck.

    This is the pair I had seen in vintage pink, at Bata