July 2010

Louis Vuitton Shawl

Check out what the lady is wearing............A Louis Vuitton Shawl :)
This lady outside Fun Republic in Andheri was wearing a beautiful LV shawl....that apparently belonged to her mother-in-law.
Such a fine shawl, with some lovely fur detail for the neck and fur tassels at the bottom.

Quite something!!!


                Louis Vuitton shawl, LV shawl














The Little Quirks

Talking about quirks in fashion, very few people can wear their quirks with conviction.
Well...quirky is simply quirky, its not fashionable; its not trendy; it does not conform to any set rules or a fashion era in particular, but is individualistic and is all about attitude, and that is what makes it so unique.
I have so far come across very few people who are genuinely quirky (also read interesting).
One of them, who also happens to be a close friend of mine is Shruti. I completely admire her two nose-pins, one on either side of the nose and her love for wigs. In the pic below, she is wearing a curly-haired wig.

Shruti Quirky Fashion








Mumbai Street Style

I happened to meet this young lady, Sonu Kakkar, last week for some work.  She is a singer and has sung the famous 'babuji zara dheere chalo',  'O sikandar' from the film Corporate, title track of the latest film Blue, and a lot others.
 I am styling her for her upcoming video and we had planned to go out together to source for her clothes and stuff.
Well, I couldnt help notice how well she was dressed.  She looked vivacious in her bright colourful cotton jumpsuit, and even though her shoes and bag are not colour co-ordinated per se, she pretty well pulls it off with that perfect attitude and smile.

Shalini with Sonu Kakkar