May 2010


I was in Ajmer last month for a Rajshri production film shoot.

It was a month long shoot, most of it indoors (thankfully! with temp. outside soaring upto 45 degrees celsius).

The shoot ofcourse went off really well...but what I came back with...was not just a great shoot experience...but much more than that.

The culture, the architecture, the language, and not to forget the 'daal-baati-choorma, the 'kachoris', the 'lassi' and the 'son halwa'...made for a great Ajmer experience and some lovely memories.













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    Bollywood Styling

    Saw Badmash Company last week.
    What a dumb film, or did they think the audience was utterly dumb??!!!
    Were they really thinking that people will buy that crap?
    And I dont understand what is it with styling?
    Its all about:
    1. A bright coloured T-shirt teamed with a scarf or a casual jacket
    2. Destressed jeans
    3. A colourful belt
    4. Colourful sneakers
    5. Some random wrist bands in the name of accessories and maybe another random neck chain.
    6. And ofcourse the fedora hat. How can an outfit be complete without a fedora hat?
    And no...I'm not talking about Shahid Kapoor's clothes.
    This is a trend in general.  So predictable, cliche', and non-creative.
    And there is no direction whatsoever to say the least... in these clothes or accessories.