January 2010

The Art Of Looking Sideways

Its been a really long time since i wrote...err...blogged last.Well...its just that, the year ending was quite eventful as well as hectic for me, in both good as well as bad ways.

Good because I got married on 27th of nov. 09', in lucknow...the wedding went off really well, esp. when I was expecting the worst in terms of preparations (not that people were not efficient; Its just me, paranoid... always :) And bad because I had an accident, just when new year's was around the corner. I injured my right hand, had to go in for a little surgery, and have to keep this heavy cast on for atleast a month from now.  This makes my right hand (also my master hand) completely immobile, and it also means no shoots, no shopping, no action on the sets... for atleast sometime :(.....and no belly dancing either...Oh I think I forgot to mention that I am learning belly dancing, and have successfully completed my first grade, and had just entered the second level, when...................

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