October 2009


And here comes my PEOPLE BEST DRESSED ISSUE :)  Well, its been almost a week now.  Which reminds me I have to send in a copy each to Fashion Cocktail and Purple Turtle.

So...the best dressed is a yearly issue, where they cover 10 best dressed women (mostly Bollywood) and emulate their looks, right from head to toe.  So, Kimi Dangor, the style editor of People magazine, gets to pick up 10 best dressed and which look to emulate, and I get to be the product stylist !

Moving from store to store, looking for clothes as similar as possible to the ones the celebrity is wearing is nothing short of a feat.  When you have the right style, you dont have the right colour, and when you do have the right colour it's probably not as close to the garment/accessory as it could or should have been and if everything does work out, you realize that the store does not give clothes on weekends (and you have gone to the store on friday eve. or saturday morn.) OR that the store takes full-deposit against each piece taken for the shoot (which does not comply with the magazine's policy) OR that the store does not give clothes for shoots at all OR that the person you can seek permission from to take the stuff is not in town and won't be back in a week and his/her cell is not reachable either.

YES, it's quite difficult finding 'that' piece of garment or accessory or footwear, which would best justify the word 'emulate'.  Fortunately, it's a product shoot, where the products are shot on the dress form or mannequin and/or placed on a table or floor and then shot; in other words nobody wears them, so I dont have to bother about sizes. PHEW !!!

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