June 2009

Denim Delight

Okay...so jeans are the new craze. All the fashion magazines right from Vogue to Elle to Marie Claire, are devoted to 'Jeans'. There are numerous articles showcasing the different shapes and shades and styles in trend. Everyone is going mad after them and I'm no exception :P I am completely fascinated with the distressed denims; Check out the Vogue (India) Shoot June 09' issue with Shilpa Shetty in 'TAKE IT EASY'/'SHILPA MEANS BUSINESS'...all the denim pieces are so chic, the white ripped jeans by 'Horace' in particular. So I go ahead and distress mine too with seam rippers and blades and scissors... I believe they look quite hot now, with the white threads unraveled and the ruggedness, there is so much more character to my jeans now :) At the same time, when we talk about denims, we are mostly referring to jeans or at the most denim jackets. Inspite of being a designer, I haven't explored denim as much, considering it a coarse fabric. Well, I was going through flickr, intending to check out how people are exploring the new trend...and look what I found out....not the garment or the fabric, but the idea of denim itself has been unraveled resulting in such brilliant ideas. Check out the following pics : [img_assist|nid=70|title=|desc=|link=node|align=left|width=200|height=186]
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    Fashion woes...

    Well....Just yesterday I was talking to a friend, who was letting out his shopping woes to me. Apparently he has a few pairs of formal trousers that he wears to work, he generally buys from Louis Philippe, Allen Solly and the sorts, and he buys....ummm...say Waist A and Waist B (sharing actual waist sizes on a public forum wouldnt be a great idea i guess :D) but in reality, he is an in-between size or an "Odd" size as you call it. The problem here is that A) There are no recognized brands who do odd sized trousers. I did google, but found out some odd obscure brands who do odd sizes, which I did not recommend to my friend. B) The more important of them is that the sizes behave differently when he has had a full meal or eaten/drank something which makes him feel bloated, which eventually makes the trousers feel tight on the waist and vice versa. OBVIOUSLY ! :D I too have to loosen my belt or push my jeans lower down from the waist after I've had a heavy meal, and trust me I'm not fat. Nevertheless its damn embarrassing ! Isnt there a solution to it? Eat less maybe? :P The second part of the problem is that when he goes to buy say a shirt, and the store guy says that the shirt is made of a certain fiber/fabric which will breathe more than the other fabrics and will help him stay cool.....does he or the brand also provide for say a high-temperature environment where he can test the claims, and if not, shouldnt they? coz these are the very claims they charge the clients for....a steep price ! So maybe a test-ride is necessary with clothes too? Well...the quiz is not over yet....One more question to go !