February 2009

Nach Baliye...

I haven't written in ages. No reason in particular, been occupied with work at times, and at others, simply lazy. In the past 6-7 months, have done a lot of work, including styling for Arjun Rampal in Nach Baliye; he was one of the 3 judges this season. It was a completely new experience. Yes, it was a reality show, just like paanchvi paas, that is what I thought initially, but it turned out quite different, in the sense that here Arjun would perform at times, so the clothes had to be styled accordingly. More than anything else, here the brief was such that we did not have to stick to a specific look like in paanchvi, yet had to style him such that his looks in all the episodes were in sync with each other. Well...we gave him a layered look, which is a favourite with Anaita, because it helps give character to the whole look. So, we would give him formal shirts with formal waist coats teamed with rugged jeans and pointed boots, of course varying it every now and then. To further give the look a strong style statement, we gave him wrist-bands which he would wear 3-4 of, for every episode. Arjun gave a completely new 'twist' to the look, by starting to give away the wrist-bands in every episode, to the best performing 'jodi' of the day. He started this 'ritual' by first gifiting the wrist-band to Shaleen and Daljeet's jodi, which (I would like to believe) finally proved so lucky for them, that they went on to win the grand-finale' and become the winner Nach Baliye jodi... :)
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